We have developed the Learn More page to provide you with important information regarding the E&I Cloud Leadership Awards.

    If you have any additional questions not found below you may contact:

    • E&I Cloud Leadership Awards: Michelle Nettuno, mnettuno@eandi.org.
    • E&I Cooperative Services technology contracts: Michael Mast, mmast@eandi.org.


  • Award Categories

    Evaluated based upon innovative and creative use of cloud technologies to address institutional challenges and/or operational efficiencies.

    Evaluated based on the successful collaboration between one or more individual institutions, or one or more branch campuses within an institutional system using cloud technologies.

    Backup/Disaster Recovery
    Evaluated as the most complete use of cloud technologies to address overall institutional backup and/or disaster recovery needs.

    Cloud Storage
    Evaluated as the most complete use of cloud technologies to address institution-wide administrative and/or academic storage challenges for staff, faculty and/or students.

    Public/Private Cloud Security
    Evaluated as the best application and/or approach to securing institutional public and/or private cloud resources. All detailed technical information on projects will be kept strictly confidential.

    Hybrid Iaas/Paas
    Evaluated as the best application and design for an institutional hybrid infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service solution.

  • History of the E&I Cloud Leadership Awards

    The E&I Cloud Leadership Awards were originated in 2017 by E&I Cooperative Services, as a way to recognize technology leaders and their innovative cloud-based solutions in the higher education market. Cloud computing enables students, teachers, administrators and staff to reliably access information, collaborate, create and deliver content from anywhere, anytime.

    Past sponsors of the E&I Cloud Leadership Awards:

    2017: Adobe, CDW-G, Cisco, Microsoft

    2018: Canon, D2L, DLT, Juniper

    2019: D2L, Unit4, Workday